Castle of Vaux-le-Vicomte (Seine-et-Marne)

The castle of Vaux -le-Vicomte , located on the territory of the French town of Maincy ( Seine- et-Marne) , 50 km southeast of Paris near Melun is a castle of the seventeenth century ( 1658-1661 ) built for the superintendent of finances of Louis XIV , Nicolas Fouquet .
The latter appealed to the best artists of the time to build his palace, the architect Louis Le Vau, the first architect of the King ( 1656 ) , the painter Charles Le Brun , founder of the Academy of Painting ( 1648 ) , the landscape André Le Nôtre, the Comptroller General of the buildings of the King ( 1657 ) and master mason Michel Villedo . Their talent had already been met by the young Louis XIV to build the classic castle of Vincennes in 1651. King remake called upon to build the palace of Versailles , the Vaux-le -Vicomte while serving as a model .
The castle, architectural and decorative masterpieces of the mid-seventeenth century, is now the largest private property classified as historical monuments since its purchase in 1875 by Alfred Sommier wealthy sugar refiner French .